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FAQ - Conflicts with Other Users

  • How do I contact the Abuse Prevention Team?

    If you're having problems with another user or believe someone is violating the User Agreement, you can file a report with the LiveJournal Abuse Prevention Team. Before you file a report, read through the technical solutions in this section of the FAQ to see if you can resolve the situation on your own.
  • My account has been suspended! How can I get it back?

    Suspension is restriction of access to certain entries or to the whole journal. A journal or a community can be suspended if their content is violating User Agreement.
  • What kind of material is prohibited on LiveJournal?

    We take pride in trying to provide users with as much freedom of speech as possible, but still do not permit certain material. Most prohibited material is either banned due to the law, or is banned in an effort to keep the service usable for all members.
  • Someone is harassing me! What steps should I take?

    Depending on whether you have control of the location where the content is posted, you will need to take different actions. For instance, if you receive unwanted comments in your journal, you can generally resolve the situation yourself. Likewise, if someone posts unwanted comments or entries in a community you maintain, you can take the same steps to protect your community from further harassment.
  • What should I do if I'm receiving harassing or unwanted comments?

    LiveJournal provides several technical solutions to help prevent comment harassment in your journal. The first thing that you should do if a user is leaving unwanted comments is to ban that user from commenting in your journal. To prevent unwanted anonymous comments, or to prevent LiveJournal users from commenting at you anonymously, you can disable anonymous commenting in your journal. Alternatively, you can set your journal so that anonymous users can only post "screened" comments, which means that you'll have to approve those comments before they appear to the public.
  • I'm being stalked or otherwise threatened on LiveJournal. What should I do?

    If someone is stalking or threatening you on LiveJournal, you should immediately contact your local authorities. There is nothing that LiveJournal can do to protect your real-world, physical safety. Your local authorities are the only ones who can help you in this situation.
  • What can I do if someone added me to their Friends list without my permission?

    It is not a violation of LiveJournal's User Agreement for another person to add you to their Friends list. It does not allow the user who has added you any special access to your journal; it only allows the user to read your public entries on their friends page rather than going to your journal directly. It does not allow the individual who has added you any access to your Friends-only entries.
  • What is LiveJournal's policy on account selling or trading?

    Selling any LiveJournal account for commercial or monetary gain, including payments of LiveJournal services such as account with Professional package of service time or tokens, is prohibited. Breaking into any journal for the purpose of trading or selling the account is also strictly prohibited. Accounts proven to have been traded or sold for commercial gain, or proven to have been hijacked by someone for that purpose, are subject to permanent suspension at any time, regardless of whether or not the person currently in control of the account is the one who initially traded, sold, or broke into it.
  • What are my responsibilities as a maintainer of an adult-oriented community?

    LiveJournal permits adult-oriented communities. However, the maintainer of an adult-oriented community is expected to take reasonable steps to ensure that minors are not exposed to sexually explicit images. The steps below should cover all common cases. If you have any questions regarding what steps should be taken for your community, or you wish to clarify any of these steps, please feel free to contact the Abuse Prevention Team to help you.
  • What are LiveJournal's policies regarding commercial activity, spam, and other forms of promotion?

    The following types of activity are generally permitted on LiveJournal (and not considered as advertisement by default):
    • publishing donation buttons and entries with requests for donations;
    • publishing links to other resources, including commercial ones;
    • informing about services you provide and goods you sell (not enterprise related);
    • publishing reviews and analytics on goods and services.

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