What are the requirements for uploading a userpic? Why am I getting an error?

Userpic images must be one of three accepted file types before they can be uploaded. Images that exceed image and file size restrictions will have to be re-sized before uploading or by use of the Create Userpic page.

Image Formats

Images must be in either JPEG, GIF or PNG image formats before you can use them as userpics. The image must actually be one of these image formats. Renaming the file so that it has one of the accepted file extensions does not convert the image properly. If you receive an error message stating "Invalid image file," you have either selected a non-image file to upload or the image has been corrupted. If this is the case, you will need to find or make another version of it.

Size Requirements

Your image must meet the following size requirements before it can be uploaded successfully. Images that exceed these requirements will be sent to the Create Userpic page for resizing.

  • Maximum height: 100 pixels

  • Maximum width: 100 pixels

  • Maximum file size: 100KB

Create Userpic Page

The Create Userpic page is a tool built into LiveJournal that allows you to re-size large images for use as userpics. With it you can select what portion of an image to use for a userpic or add a simple border. If you want to add any extra effects, such as text or color changes or animation, you will need to edit your image with an external image editor first.


  • The Create Userpic page cannot process animated GIFs. If you upload an animated GIF and are sent to the Create Userpic page, then your image exceeds at least one of the maximum size limits listed above. If this happens you will need to resize the image in an external editor so that it falls under the maximum size limits.

  • If you try to resize an image with the Create Userpic page but receive an error stating that the Create Userpic page could not resize the image down, it means your image has metadata or EXIF data attached to it. This is information about the image that image editing programs and digital cameras sometimes add. The Create Userpic page cannot process images with metadata or EXIF data, so you will need to either remove this information from the image or resize the image yourself before you try to upload it.

  • Please note that the Create Userpic page may not work correctly in all browsers. If the Create Userpic page does not work for you, try upgrading your browser to the latest version or try using a different browser. Also, ensure that JavaScript is working correctly in your browser.

  • If you still receive an error after correcting any issues with your userpic's size and format, please make sure you are viewing the most recent version of the page.

  • If you receive an error that you have exceeded your storage space, you must delete some files (or upgrade your account) in order to upload additional userpics. Your storage space contains your ScrapBook files, voice posts, and userpics.

Last Updated: April 30th, 2020

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