How do I use a different userpic? What are keywords?

Before you can post with different userpics, you need to have more than one; you can find more and upload them to LiveJournal.
To use a different userpic with each comment, select the userpic from the drop-down menu titled "Picture to use".

To use a different userpic with each entry when using the Post an Entry page, select the userpic from the drop-down menu titled "Userpic".

If you have an account with Professional package of service, on both the page to leave a comment and the Post an Entry page, you can click the "Browse" button next to the userpic drop-down menus. Clicking the "Browse" button will open a window that will load all of your userpics so that you can see them all at once with their associated keywords. You can search for and select which userpic you would like to use from this window.

When posting an entry in a community, you can only choose from your own userpics, not those of the community. The only time a community's userpic will appear with a community entry is on Friends pages when the "Use community userpics instead of poster's userpic" setting is turned on. It is not possible to post using the userpics of a community.


Keywords can be added to your userpics to make it easier to select the userpic you want when posting or commenting. Userpics with keywords will not appear in the drop-down list with their number; rather, they can be used by selecting their individual keywords. Keywords can be added to userpics at the Edit Userpics page. In the Keywords box next to each userpic, enter 1-5 keyword(s), separated by commas. Each keyword can be up to 40 characters long.

Individual keywords may contain spaces, but should not contain commas because LiveJournal uses commas to separate multiple keywords. As examples, enter happy or friends at mall if you want only one keyword, or laughing, smiles, my friends if you want three keywords.

If you try to add a keyword that has already been used on another userpic, the system will automatically delete that keyword from one of the userpics. If this happens, you will need to choose which userpic will use that keyword. If the keyword is on the other userpic, delete the keyword first and then add it to your chosen userpic.

If you change a keyword, all comments and entries using the old keyword will then show your default userpic (or no userpic, if you do not have a default userpic selected). This also occurs when you delete a userpic and the keywords associated with it.

If you are crediting the creator of a userpic, you may want to use the userpic's comments, not its keywords.

Special Keywords

Moods: Keywords can be used to associate your userpics with the moods you select when making journal entries. If you have left your entry using the default icon and have an icon with a keyword that matches the mood for this entry, the icon with that keyword will display on the site-schemed comment page for that entry.

For example, if you give a userpic the keyword 'happy', then make an entry with a 'happy' mood, you will see your 'happy' userpic when viewing the comments. However, if your journal style uses customized comment pages, you will see the default icon. The default icon will also appear on friends pages and any other journal page.

If you select a userpic by its keyword, that userpic will always be used, even if you have set a mood that matches a different userpic's keyword.

_schools: You can select a userpic to display for each school you have attended in the search results for that school in the Schools Directory. To do this, locate the ID number for each school, then create a keyword for the userpic you would like to associate with that school, in the format _schools1234, where 1234 is the ID number of the school. The ID number of each school is located in the URL of that school in the directory after "sid=". You can find directory links for all your schools on your profile. Please note this will only apply the specified userpic to that particular school; if you want that userpic to display for all schools you attended, you will need to create a keyword for each one.

_support: LiveJournal Support volunteers can designate a specific userpic to display when replying to Support reqeusts. A userpic with the "_support" keyword will display on any answers and internal or external comments, rather than the volunteer's default userpic.

Last Updated: March 13th, 2020

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