Why don't journal entries show up where they should?

If your entries aren't appearing on your friends' Friends pages, the entries may have the "Do not add to friends page and RSS" option enabled; additionally, protected entries won't appear on other users' Friends pages. If your entries aren't appearing in the right place in your own journal, they may have incorrect dates or times. However, there are also other reasons why your entries are not displaying where they should.

  • Dates:

    • If you have enabled the "Do not add to friends page and RSS" option on any of your entries, they will not appear on anyone's Friends page. However, they will still display in your journal.

    • If your entry is visible on your friends' Friends pages but not in your own journal, the entry is most likely dated incorrectly. You can either ask your friends for the date of that entry or try checking their Friends pages for the dates (including the year) your entries appear. If your computer is set to the same day of a different year, try checking your Calendar for that day.

  • Protected Entries:

    • In order to see protected entries, you will need to be logged into LiveJournal. You may have been logged out accidentally.

    • For security reasons, you will not see any protected entries, even your own, on anyone else's Friends page. However, your friends will still see them when they read their Friends page.

    • If your friends are unable to see your protected entries, make sure they are on your Friends list. If you posted entries to custom filters, make sure that your friends are in the correct custom friends groups.

    • If you are using domain forwarding, you may need to visit your journal directly to see protected entries.

  • Private Entries: Private entries are only visible to you. If you want others to see these entries, you will need to edit the entry and change the security setting.

  • Not Seeing New Entries:

    • Your browser has stored an old (cached) version of your journal or Friends page. Click the "Reload" or "Refresh" button on your browser, or clear your browser's cache.

    • Entries posted more than two weeks ago won't appear on anyone's Friends page, even if they are the most recent entries in that user's journal.

    • If you have a "Default View" custom friends group, make sure to include the users who updated recently.

    • You or someone on your Friends list has posted incorrect HTML, which causes the page to display incorrectly. This can also cause entries to display out of order.

Last Updated: December 1st, 2020

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