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Frequently Asked Question #85. How do I find a community?

You can use several different methods to find communities on LiveJournal. (Are you searching for people on LiveJournal instead?)
  • Directly: If you know the username of the community, you can go directly to it using the following link, replacing examplecomm with the community's username:

  • Community Directory: You can search for communities based on general topics or sub-topics.

  • Interest Search: The Interests page and the search box present at the top right of some LiveJournal site schemes show up to 500 communities that list your interest. Community maintainers can add information about the community's theme that will display during interest searches by using the community's Edit Profile page.

  • Friends: Your friends probably know some interesting communities, so why not look on their User Profiles?

  • Schools Directory: You can search for communities who list particular schools.

  • community_quest: Post to see whether other LiveJournal users know communities that match your interests.

  • Community Search (Directory): you can find up to 1000 communities that match your search terms. Remember to sort by Update Time to find recently updated communities.

Last Updated: April 2nd, 2018

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