How do I remove, ban, or unban a user from my community?

If you are the community's owner or a maintainer, you can remove, ban, or unban a member from a community.
This process is similar but not the same as banning a user from your own journal.

Before removing or banning members, you may wish to review your community's membership and posting settings.
  • Rejoining: If your community allows anyone to join, anyone you remove from the community can re-join the community.

  • Regaining Posting Access: If your community is set to allow anyone to join and allows all members to have posting access, anyone whose posting access you remove can leave the community and re-join the community to get posting access again.

  • Banning a Member: Banning a member keeps them from posting comments or entries. They will still be a member of the community, who can see Members-only entries.

  • Banning a Nonmember: Banning a nonmember of your community keeps them from joining, gaining posting access, or posting comments/entries.

  • Minimum Security: You may also want to set the minimum security for your community to Members-only.

Removing a User

Select the Members link for the appropriate community on the Community Management page to remove membership, posting access, moderator, and maintainer status from a user. Maintainers cannot remove other maintainers; only the community owner can do this.

Banning or Unbanning a User

You can ban or unban users from your communities using the Ban and Unban Users page. Before using this page for your community, be sure to select the community you are banning users from in the dropdown menu and push the Switch button before using the page.

You can also ban or unban users from your communities by using the "Ban user everywhere" option in the hover menu. Selecting this option on the Hover Menu will ban the user from your personal journal as well as every community you maintain. You can undo this later by selecting "Unban user everywhere".

It is also possible to ban a user through the Admin Console or when deleting a comment. When using one of the Admin Console commands below, replace community and user with the username of the community and the username of the user, respectively.

  • Ban_set: Ban a user from your community with the ban_set command:
  • ban_set user from community
  • Ban_unset: Unban a user from your community with the ban_unset command:
  • ban_unset user from community
  • Ban_list: List the users banned from your community with the ban_list command:
  • ban_list from community

Last Updated: April 17th, 2011

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