What are the membership and posting settings for my community?

During community creation, you choose various membership and posting settings, which you can change later by clicking the Settings link next to the community's name on the Manage Communities page. (Do you want to change community comment settings?)


  • Open: Join the community with the Join link at the upper right of the Community Profile page.
    • Example: http://community.livejournal.com/communityname/profile
  • Moderated: Request community membership with the Join link at the upper right of the Community Profile page, then wait for approval from a community maintainer.
  • Closed: Accept an invitation from a community maintainer to join the community.

Posting Access

  • Anybody: This option only appears on the Community Settings page; if you're creating a community, you will see the Non-Member Posting setting listed below. If you select this option, anyone can post to the community even without joining.
  • All Members: After joining, all members can post entries to the community journal.
  • Select Members: Only certain members with permission from the community maintainer can post entries to the community journal.

Non-Member Posting (menu seen only when creating a community)

  • Non-Members Cannot Post: Join the community before posting entries there.
  • Non-Members Can Post: Visit the Community Profile page and click the blue pencil () in the small blue toolbar to post entries there.


  • Unmoderated: Entries will immediately be added to the community journal.
  • Moderated: Entries must be approved by a community moderator before they are added to the community journal.

Last Updated: February 28th, 2009

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