How do I create and manage a community?

You can create a community at the Create New Community page. As the new community's owner, why not review your community's settings at the Manage Communities page? If you want information on the various options available to you, check out the rest of the FAQs in the Community Management category.

Creating a Community

You can either create a completely new community or convert an existing journal into a community. With either method, begin by logging into your personal account. This account will be associated with the community as the "owner account", which means that you will have to be logged into this account to change community settings; it neither possible nor necessary to log in as the community to make changes to its settings. Additionally, the username you select for your community must either be unregistered or belong to you as a personal account (i.e. you know its password).

  • Create a Community: Go to the Create New Community page and enter a new username to create your community and define various settings.

  • Convert a Journal to a Community: You should only convert one of your journals into a community if you are willing to delete all existing entries manually and you are aware that communities cannot be converted back to personal journals. Go to the Create Community page and enter the other journal's username and password to convert it into a community and define various settings.

    All accounts that list the converted account as a Friend will now be watching the community. No accounts will automatically be listed as members of the community.

Managing a Community

Your new community will not have a password because it is not possible to log into community accounts. Instead of logging in, all administrative tasks can be done from the owner account at the Manage Communities page. Additionally, many LiveJournal pages have a Work as user drop-down menu, which will allow you to modify the community's information and settings rather than your own.

If you'd like help managing your community, you can add additional maintainers.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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