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Frequently Asked Question #71. How do I choose a secure password and keep my account secure?

You should keep your account secure for the sake of your own LiveJournal identity (entries, comments, etc). Additionally, keeping your account secure also keeps your Friends' entries secure because you have access to protected entries in their journals. Your LiveJournal password must meet the following requirements:
  • 6 to 30 characters long.

  • Use only ASCII characters (characters found on a standard US keyboard).

  • Must contain at least 4 different characters.

  • At least 1 number or special symbol.

  • At least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter

  • Not based on your username, email address, displayed name, or a commonly-used password.

Choosing a Secure Password

Here are some guidelines to help you choose a secure password that you can also remember:
  • Use a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters.

  • Use a password containing multiple words or even phrases, not just a single word.

  • Use the first letter of words in a memorable sentence to create the password.

  • Do not use a password based on available or easily-discovered information about you, such as your name, birthdate, pet's name, student ID number, telephone number, license plate number, or other personally significant dates/numbers.

  • Do not use the password from another account.

Keeping Your Account Secure

Here are a few simple precautions you should take to help further secure your LiveJournal sessions:
  • Never share your password with anybody else. Never share it with any person or organization claiming to be affiliated with LiveJournal. LiveJournal will never contact you to ask for your password or to request that you log in due to account inactivity.

  • Think carefully about adding a secret question, as it is another way into your account.

  • If you do set a secret question, do not use a question that can be answered by reading your entries or profile.

  • If you share computers with other people, do not use the Remember Me option of your LiveJournal site login. If LiveJournal remembers you with this option, anyone else using your computer will still be logged in as you, compromising your account's security. Unchecking the Remember Me option means that you will have to manually log in each time you use LiveJournal. If your login is currently set to Remember Me, go to the Log In page to change your login/logout settings. You can also log out by clicking on the "Log out?" button or "Logout" link at the top of the page, and then quitting your browser.

  • After using LiveJournal, empty your web browser's cache. Your web browser normally stores (caches) copies of web pages you visit, including LiveJournal pages. Emptying this cache regularly makes sure no one else can see your pages or your Friends' pages.

  • After logging out, quit your browser. Your logout will not be complete until you have quit your browser. After quitting the browser, it may be a good idea to restart the browser, then re-visit http://www.livejournal.com/ to make sure you haven't been logged in automatically.

  • Keep the email address you have listed with LiveJournal secure. Access to your email account would allow other people to reset your LiveJournal password.

  • Remove old email addresses you can no longer access. LiveJournal keeps prior validated email addresses on file in case you lose access to your current email address and need to reset your password. You should remove these old addresses if you no longer have access to them.

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Last Updated: March 13th, 2020

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