How do I add a poll to my entry? How do I vote in polls or change my vote?

Add a poll to a new entry with the Poll Creator or by writing your own poll code. You can neither add a new poll to an existing entry nor edit a poll after it has been added to an entry; also, you cannot add polls to comments, user bios, or styles.
  • Account Type:

    • Logged in Users: You can create polls in your own journal and any communities where you have posting access.

    • Anonymous Users:

      • Create A LiveJournal account: Anonymous votes are not allowed in polls, which means that people without LiveJournal accounts cannot vote in polls; they will need to create their own accounts before voting.

      • Use Comments: If you want to have anonymous feedback, you should not use a LiveJournal poll. Instead, you should ask people to answer in comments, which you may also wish to screen.

  • Creating a Poll:

    • Poll Creator: The Poll Creator will generate your poll's code for you, allow you to preview your poll, and create a journal entry containing the poll code.

    • Poll Code: You can also create a poll by writing the code by hand.

    • Visual editor: You cannot enter poll code into the Visual editor. If you wish to create your poll using poll code, you must use the HTML tab instead; otherwise, the poll code will display as normal text. However, you can create a poll in the Visual editor by clicking on the poll creation button () in the Visual editor's toolbar.

    • Allowed Tags: Polls can only use some of the HTML and LiveJournal-specific tags that are allowed in journal entries and comments: <a>, <b>, <em>, <i>, <img>, <strong>, <u> <lj user> tag.

    • Data Limitations When Creating a Poll:

      • Poll Names: 1,000 characters

      • Questions: 1,000 characters, up to 15 questions

      • Radio and Check Box Options: 255 characters, up to 15 options

    • Previewing: If you preview a new entry containing a poll, the poll questions and answers will appear as plain text, without the appropriate form elements and buttons. When you post the entry, the poll buttons will appear. If you would like to preview the poll with the appropriate form elements and buttons, you can do so using the Poll Creator by clicking the [[gmlitem:/poll/create.bml.button.preview]] button.

  • Voting in a Poll:
    • One User, One Vote: Each LiveJournal user is allowed one vote in a poll. So you need to be logged into LiveJournal to vote in any poll, including public ones.

    • See the Entry: Only LiveJournal users who can read the LiveJournal entry can vote in the poll. Therefore, you can change the entry security to a custom friends group to restrict voting to that custom friends group.

    • Vote Security: All (Everyone), Friends, Custom Friends Group entry.

    • Not Banned: People banned from a journal or community cannot vote in any polls in that journal or community, but may be able to view results. In addition, people banned from a user's journal cannot vote in any polls that that user posts, even if the polls are in a community. This affects polls that allow "All" or "Friends" to vote.
    • Data Limitation When Completing a Poll Text Entry: 255 characters

  • Viewing Poll Results:

    • See the Entry: Only LiveJournal users who can read the LiveJournal entry can view poll results.

    • Result Security: All (Everyone), Friends, and None (Only you).

    • Total Results: With any security level, the total results will be visible for all question types but Text entry.

  • Changing Your Vote: After you vote in a poll, you can change your answers by clicking on the poll number, and then clicking the [ Fill out Poll ] link at the top of the page.

  • Ending Votes: LiveJournal polls can be closed by clicking on the poll number, then clicking on the [ Close Poll ] link at the top of the page. A closed poll can be reopened by clicking on the [ Reopen Poll ] link in the same location.

    • Do Not Delete Polls: If you delete an entry that contains a poll, the poll will become inaccessible. You cannot create a new entry to restore an inaccessible poll; you must create a new poll.

Last Updated: June 7th, 2022

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