Frequently Asked Question #67. How do I add a link to another journal or web site?

  • If you are using the HTML version of the Post an Entry page, you can link to any journal or web site with the following HTML:
    <a href="http://www.example.com/">This is a link to an example website</a>

    You can link to other journals, communities or feeds by typing:
    <lj user="exampleusername"> = exampleusername <lj user="communityname"> = communityname <lj user="samplefeed"> = samplefeed

    You can change the link text for LiveJournal accounts to any desired text, like that:
    <lj user="exampleusername" title="Example"> = Example
  • If you are using the Rich Text Editor version of the Update Journal page to link to another entry or website, you will need to first type the text you want made into a link into the entry text field. Then select this text and click the Insert/Edit Link toolbar button to provide the URL of the page you're linking to. If using the Rich Text Editor to link to another LiveJournal account, you would first type the username of the account you want to link. Then, select this username and click the LiveJournal User button to make the name into a link.

When creating a link this way, the account name will link to the account's journal page, and the account type icon in front of the account name will link to the account's profile page.

Please note that all links you post must comply with the rules on materials published in LiveJournal. Moreover, links to external resources that require HTTP-autorization are allowed but in private entries.

Other Methods of Linking

  • Automatic Text Formatting: If you add a URL (Internet address for a web site) beginning with http:// or https:// in an entry or comment, it will automatically become a link.

  • LiveJournal Shortcuts: You can also use several LiveJournal-specific URL formats to link to certain LiveJournal pages.

Last Updated: February 2nd, 2017

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