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What are Friends and Subscribers? How do I manage my Friends and Subscriptions lists?

LiveJournal's Friends system is part of the community element of the site. Your Friends list is used to show entries on your Friends page and restrict access to your entries and other site features (default comment settings, contact information, etc).

Accounts that you have added to your Friends list appear on your profile. Accounts without additional packages are limited to 1000 friends, while accounts with Professional package of service can have up to 2000 friends.

Manage Your Friends List

There are three ways to manage your Friends list:
  • Manage Friends: This page displays all users on your Friends list and all users who have added you to their Friends list. You can add and remove users from your Friends list on this page.

  • Add Friend button: When you are logged in, an Add Friend button shows in the blue toolbar on top of every user's profile page. Click this button to add a user to your Friends list. Once a user has been added to your friends list, the button at the top of their profile will change to read Modify Friend. By clicking this, you can select which custom friends groups they are in, set their friends colors, or remove that user from your Friends list.
    You can also choose the journal's / community's tags you want to see in your Friend's page. Learn more about this option here.


Your Friends list displays on your profile, separated by journal type: personal journals, communities, and syndicated feeds.
  • Formatting: Usernames with lines through them are either deleted or suspended. Usernames that appear in bold are users who are on your Friends list.

  • Friend of List: Your Friend of list displays a list of all the users who have added you to their Friends list. You can choose to hide this list at the Edit Profile page. This will prevent others from seeing this list, but it will still display to you when you are logged in.

  • Mutual Friends: You can choose to split your "Friend of" list into two lists—"Mutual Friends" and "Also Friend of"—at the Edit Profile page.

  • Display Limitations: Initially, your profile only displays 50 total friends, including users, communities, and feeds (click "More" to upload another 50). Full list of your friends is available at Edit Friends page.

  • Hiding your Friends List: It is not possible to hide your Friends list, since you have complete control over whom you choose to Friend.

Subscriptions and subscribers

Subscription system is similar to Friends system with one significant difference. You can read users you subscribe to on your Friends/Feed page, but they won't have "friend" privileges in your journal. Specifically, the users you've subscribed to won't have access to your "Friends only" or "Custom group" entries (even if you've included them in a group) and won't be able comment on your entries with comments enabled for friends only. Likewise, you won't have such "friend" privileges in journals of those users who are subscribed to you.

You can subscribe to any user except for those you've already added to your friends list. Subscriptions and subscribers lists can be seen on your profile page.

You can manage your subscriptions on the Edit Subscriptions page: you can add or remove subscriptions, add notes for them or choose tags to filter their entries on your Friends/Feed page.
To manage notifications about new subscribers to your journal please visit notifications settings page.

You can add subscriptions to your custom friend groups to filter them on your Friends/Feed page. Being in a custom group doesn't grant access to entries with restricted security level to the users you are subscribed to.

Last Updated: July 27th, 2023

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