What is the Interests feature? How do I add or remove interests?

The "interests" feature is a way to display what you like on your User Profile; you can also search for people and communities who share your interests. When you want to add or remove interests, an easy way is to type or erase them in the Interests section of your Edit Profile page.

Interest Format

If you want to avoid these format restrictions for interests, add interests to your user bio instead.

  • Case & Order:
    • ASCII Characters & Roman Alphabet: Lowercase & Alphabetical

    • Non-ASCII Characters & Other Alphabets: Mixed Case & Variable

  • Commas: Separate interests with commas: cookies, chocolate, music, swimming.

  • Length: 50 characters or four words with single spaces between them. If you try to add a longer interest, it will not display on your User Profile. Instead, add interests that are single words or short phrases, not sentences.

  • Maximum: 150 interests. If you try to add more than 150 interests, you will be asked to delete some before saving.

Adding and Removing Interests

There are three ways to add or remove interests:
  • Edit Profile: Add and remove interests by typing or erasing them from the Interests box.

  • En Masse:
    • User Profile page: Click the [Modify Yours] link, which appears at the end of someone else's interests on their User Profile. On your own User Profile, this will appear as a [Remove Some] link. Once on this page, check the interests you want to add and uncheck the interests you want to remove.

    • Interests page: You can enter someone's username in the box labelled "Modify your interests based on those of:" to add some of their interests.

  • Interest Search Results: You can add the interest to your list of interests by using the click here link.

Displaying Your Interests

After you add them, your interests are shown on your User Profile.
  • If no one else lists an interest you have, it will appear as plain text on your User Profile.

  • If one of your interests is listed by other users or communities, the interest will link to the interest search results page for that interest, so everyone can see who else lists the interest.

  • If you are viewing another User Profile, interests that person shares with you appear in bold.

Searching for Interests

The results page for an interest lists people and communities who are also interested in this topic.

  • Interest Search: By typing an interest in the Interests page's box labelled "Find people and communities interested in:", you can find people who are interested in the selected topic.

  • Interests Search (Site Search): The site search box or search box, which includes interest search as an option, is located at the top of the page.

  • Selecting Interest Results:
    1. 500 Account Limit: Because of the strain it would put on the database to load all the usernames who list an interest, this search is limited to a maximum of 500 communities and 500 users.

    2. Excluding Suspended/Deleted Accounts: The list excludes deleted/suspended users and communities, so the displayed list may contain fewer than 500 communities or users.

    3. Sorting Order: Update Time

  • Popular Interests: You can browse the most popular interests.

Other Search Methods

    You can use the Directory to search for personal journals or communities by interest. Using these search pages may offer you more results than the regular interest search.

    • Directory Search: You can search for personal journals by interest by typing the interest in the User likes box.

    • Community Search: You can search for communities by interest by typing the interest in the Community interest box.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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