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Throughout LiveJournal's history, ordinary users have worked together on various projects to support the greater LiveJournal community. LiveJournal provides a number of ways for you to contribute your skills and talents. You can support the site by sharing your opinions in news and lj_feedback, joining one of LiveJournal's volunteer teams, or by purchasing an account with Professional package of service or other gift shop items.
  • Documentation: You can help improve the Frequently Asked Questions in lj_userdoc, while you can post suggestions in howto_userdoc to help improve the customization tutorials in howto or s2howto. All suggestions, from minor changes to a FAQ/tutorial to the addition of new FAQs/tutorials, are welcome.

  • Schools Directory: You can help update, maintain and correct schools listed in a particular area of the Schools Directory. For information on joining the Schools team, see the Community Profile of lj_schools.

  • Technical Support: You can help other users in our technical support area by answering their questions about LiveJournal services and features. No matter what you think your skill level is, there will always be someone who will benefit from any knowledge you are willing to share. The Support Guide gives an overview of LiveJournal Support and its policies, while new support policies are announced in lj_support (the main support community watched by all volunteers).

  • Translation: You can help translate LiveJournal into other languages if you speak both English and another language fluently. Since parts of the site, particularly the FAQs, are updated frequently, even translations that seem current still need regular updates. Translators should join the community for their language, along with lj_translate, the main LiveJournal translation community.

  • User Agreement Enforcement: You can apply to join LiveJournal's Abuse Prevention Team, which deals with complaints regarding User Agreement violations. For additional information and application instructions, please see the community profile for lj_abuse.

  • Other Opportunities: If you're not interested in any of the above or don't have time to commit to any of these teams, you are welcome to join and watch lj_volunteers, where staff will post "help wanted" notices from time to time as needed.

Last Updated: March 19th, 2021

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