What is LiveJournal?

LiveJournal is an online journal service with an emphasis on user interaction. A basic, fully-functional account is free, while account with Professional package of service receive access to premium features. Why not create an account today?

Write in your journal, and customize it too!

Interact with other users using your friends page, comments, or communities:

  • You can use your Friends page to view recent entries by multiple users at once, which makes it easier to keep up with your favorite journals.

  • Many users allow comments to be made on their entries, which is a great way to start conversations and find new friends.

  • Meet people by participating in communities, which are group journals in which multiple users can post entries.

Read about these and many other LiveJournal features in the rest of the Frequently Asked Questions and LiveJournal News.

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Last Updated: February 1st, 2023

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