How do I delete a userpic? What displays in entries and comments when I delete a userpic?

To delete a userpic, log in to LiveJournal and go to the Edit Userpics page. Check the delete box next to the userpic(s) that you no longer want. Save your changes and the userpic(s) will be deleted. Alternatively, you can also delete your userpics via the File Manager.

Userpics are assigned to entries and comments according to their keywords. When a userpic is deleted, entries and comments that previously used the userpic you deleted will show your default userpic (or no userpic, if you have no default userpic) unless you upload a new userpic and give it the same keyword as the userpic you deleted. If you give a new userpic the keyword previously associated with a deleted userpic, all entries and comments using that keyword will now show the new userpic.

Last Updated: June 19th, 2010

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