What is the "Memories" feature?

The Memories feature on LiveJournal allows you to organize your favorite LiveJournal entries with an easy-to-use keyword archive system. You can add, edit, and delete your memories, which does not affect the original entry posted in your own journal, a community, or another person's journal. You may also be interested in adding tags, or descriptive keywords, to your own entries.

Adding Memories

On the Add to Memories page you can give the memory a title (up to 80 characters long) and up to five keywords (each keyword can be up to 40 characters long). Based on these keywords, you can find the memory later in one or more categories on the Memories page.
  • Commenting: The easiest way to mark entries as memories is enabling commenting for your journal. Site scheme comment pages (used by S1 users and S2 users without custom comment pages) have a small blue toolbar with several buttons, including a small bookmark sign.

  • Calendar view: If you don't want to enable commenting, you can use your Calendar's monthly view to navigate to the Read Comments page for the entry you would like to mark as a memory. Finding and clicking the bookmark button will take you to the Add to Memories page.

  • S2 Layouts: Some S2 layouts have a bookmark button next to the entry on the journal or friends page. Some S2 customized comment pages change the appearance or location of the button. For example, it may lack the plus sign or be a different color. Additionally, some layouts do not offer this toolbar on comments pages; they may offer a text link to the Add Memories page instead.

Memory Security Levels

Like journal entries, memories can be marked with different security levels. Memory security levels determine who can see that an entry appears in your memory list; they do not change who can view the entry itself.
  • Public memories are shown in your memory list to anyone who views it.
  • Friends memories are shown in your memory list only when you or someone on your friends list views it while logged in.
  • Private memories are shown in your memory list only when you view it while you are logged in.

If you mark a Friends-Only entry as a Public memory, people who are not authorized to read that entry can see that you have marked it as a memory and your description, but they cannot read the entry or any comments.

Editing or Deleting Memories

You can edit an existing memory by attempting to re-add it (using one of the methods above), or by finding the entry in your Memorable Entries page and clicking on the [edit] link next to the memory's description.

On this page, you can edit the memory's description, keywords, and security level. Memory descriptions and security levels may only be edited individually. You can also delete the memory. This does not delete the original entry; it only removes it from your memory listing. There are several ways to delete a memory:
  • Deleting a Single Memory: Erase your description, then click the submit button. If the entry has been deleted, you will see a button which will allow you to delete the memory.
  • Deleting Multiple Memories: Click on the specific memory category that contains the memories you want to delete, and add &multidelete=1 to the end of that URL in your web browser's address bar. Check the box next to each memory you wish to delete, then click the Delete Selected button.

Editing or Deleting Memory Categories

There are two ways to edit or delete memory categories:
  • Editing or deleting the category keyword on all memories associated with that category.
    • In order to delete a category keyword on a memory, you must both remove it from the comma-delimited list of keywords and unselect it from the box of keywords below that before clicking Submit.
    • In order to edit a keyword (such as to fix a spelling error or to replace one keyword on a memory with another), you must edit the keyword in the comma-delimited list of keywords and unselect the old keyword from the box of keywords before clicking Submit.
  • Delete all the memories under that memory category, using the Multi-delete method explained in the section above; then readd them with the new keyword.

Community Memories

Add, edit, or delete memories for a community you maintain by going to the Add Memorable Entry, Edit Memorable Entry, or Memorable Entries page. Choose the community journal from the Work as user drop-down menu option and click switch; then you can add, edit, or delete memories using the above instructions.

Community memories have the following possible security levels:
  • Public memories can be viewed by any user.
  • Members memories can be viewed by community members.
  • Maintainers memories can only be viewed by maintainers of that community.

Last Updated: December 7th, 2016

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