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Frequently Asked Question #438. A month without ads

The information in this FAQ is outdated, campaign ended 30/04/2020.

To participate in the promotion you must:
Post at least one entry between March 30 and April 30.
For new accounts created after March 30, the promotion is valid upon publication of at least 3 entries.
For users with Professional package, the paid period of the package will be extended by 1 month from the moment of participation in the promotion.

Users without Professional package will not see ads for 1 month from the date of participation in the promotion.

What entries are taken into account in the promotion?

  • Original public and friends entries

  • Community entries

  • Comment-based entries

Not taken into account:

  • Private Entries

  • Reposts, automatic digests from Twitter or Instagram

  • Posts with suspicious links

Last Updated: October 9th, 2020

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