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How to migrate my images from other photohostings?

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If you have entries with images hosted on third-party hostings, you can relocate those images to LiveJournal Scrapbook using the Migrate photos tool.
Images embedded in your entries (both in your personal journal and in communities) will be uploaded to your LiveJournal Scrapbook. URLs of those images in your entries will be linked to their new URLs in Scrapbook. A migrated image will be displayed in your entry even if you delete it from it's original location at third-party hosting, as long as you keep the migrated image in your Scrapbook and keep a link to it in the entry. Please note that the old HTML-editor will still display old URLs for migrated images.
You can run migration only once. If you post new entries with third-party-hosted images after performing migration, you won't be able to automatically relocate those new images to Scrapbook
The overall amount of images which can be migrated to Scrapbook depends on your account's capacity according to the storage limits.

From which hostings can I migrate my images?

Last Updated: August 20th, 2021

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