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Frequently Asked Question #429. How do I import my entries from Facebook to LiveJournal?

The information in this FAQ is outdated, the features described are no longer supported.

You can set your LiveJournal blog to automatically import your public Facebook posts in your journal.

To do this, you should:
  1. log in to your LiveJournal account (if it is an identity account, you will need to convert it into a standard LiveJournal account)

  2. connect to your Facebook account at the Account Settings page and activate 'Publish my public posts to my journal' checkbox

  3. if you want to import old posts, click the link 'including old posts' link below the checkbox. This will bring up a settings pop-up where you can select the desired import period

The settings pop-up will also appear if you come to LiveJournal via a Facebook link or log in using your Facebook account.

You will receive notifications when the import starts and when it is finished. Entries from Facebook which were previously crossposted from your LiveJournal will not be imported back.

You can change tags, titles, and privacy settings of the imported entries. But please note that entries from Facebook are imported in LiveJournal as embedded content, thus if you edit the content after import we cannot guarantee it will be displayed correctly.

Last Updated: October 9th, 2020

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