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Frequently Asked Question #425. What is "I like this entry" button?

This FAQ applies to users who operate in the up-to-date design version and use styles Minimalism, Chameleon, Air, or Expressive. You can switch to up-to-date design at the top of any system page and change your style at Select journal style page.
"I like this entry" button is a new way of showing the author that you liked their entry. It might come in handy when you feel like expressing your appreciation to the author but don't have time to write an extensive comment.
The button could be found on entries' pages, in journals and in Friends Feed. Click the heart button to show that you like the entry; click it one more time if you change your mind.

You can enable notifications on feedbacks to your posts at Notifications tab of the account settings page. Please note that if you disable comments to your posts, they cannot be marked as "liked" either. Users with account with Professional package of services can also view their feedback statistics. All entries you liked can be seen here.

You can view a list of the last 100 readers who liked the entry by hovering the cursor over the heart button next to the post. There will be "Add to friends" button next to every user in this list or message that the user is already in your Friends list.

Reactions to comments

Reactions are different types of emotions user can react to a comment:

  • Like

  • Keep writing!

  • Hot

  • LOL

  • Dislike

  • Sad

  • Angry

    • Banned users can't react to comments of users who banned them.

Last Updated: March 16th, 2021

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