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Frequently Asked Question #398. Why can’t I upload an image to Scrapbook?

Problems with uploading new images to your Scrapbook can happen for various reasons.

First, make sure the image that you try to upload is under the file size limit, and is one of the supported file types (you can learn more about these limitations here). Also check whether the browser you are using is officially supported by LiveJournal and there are no add-ons or other applications running that are blocking the upload.
Error message "Scrapbook: not enough space"
This means that you ran out of storage space available for your account. You can delete some images or upgrade to an account with Professional package of service.

Browse button is inactive in old design
Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported. You can either upload images through the "New Entry" page, or switch to the modern up-to-date design version using corresponding link under the header of system pages.

If none of the above helped, open a Support request. Please specify the following:

  1. Browsers that you used when you tried to upload an image

  2. The type of the images you tried to upload (.jpeg, .png, etc.) and their size

  3. Detailed step by step description of your actions

  4. The text of the error message (if you see one)

Last Updated: August 4th, 2021

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