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Frequently Asked Question #391. How can I promote my entries in other journals/communities?

You need to opt into Cyrillic services to promote your entries in other journals’ promo slots (during Stage one, promo is available in the following journals– link to LJ Shop). Only public entries can be promoted.

You can promote any public entry posted to your personal journal. Community owners and maintainers can also promote entries posted to their community (as long as the community is opted into Cyrillic services).

How can I place my entry in promo slot?

  1. Visit the Promo in Journals page in the LJ Shop.

  2. Select the journal where you would like to promote your entry.
    You can sort journals by social capital (Social capital column), the duration of promotion (Time), current price and the last update (i.e. the latest public post). Use the Search field to find a specific journal (it will not be found unless it was selected to take part in Stage 1). Hover the cursor over the (i) icon to learn more information about the journal:
    • the current price (how many LJ Tokens you need to spend for the promotion)
    • the journal’s social capital
    • the number of users who added this journal to friends
    • duration – max time period during which your entry can be promoted
    If the entry from this journal is currently in the most popular entries module on the homepage you’ll see the small graph icon next to the journal.

  3. After choosing the journal click the Order link

  4. Enter the URL to your public entry and the value of your bid (it must be multiple to 100). Please make sure that you have enough LJ Tokens in your account or buy more in the LJ Shop.

  5. Read the LiveJournal Requirements to the promoted entries and the requirements of the journal’s owner (if the owner specified any rules).

  6. If you want to see how the entry will look in the journal’s promo slot press Preview button. If everything is fine, press the “Promote!” button.

After this your entry will be placed into promo-slot of the journal you chose. You’ll get a notification email confirming the promotion.
The promo slot is displayed on the entry pages of the journal and (only for journals with Style System 2) on the journal page. The owner of the journal with the promo slot does not have to use Style System 2, but the shop interface will display a warning if the journal does not use it.

What are the requirements to promoted entries?

Promotion time during Stage 1 depends on the social capital of the journal where the promo slot is displayed. The lower is the social capital, the longer the promotion period. You can always find out the promotion period in the LJ Shop.
Promotion price is determined by an auction. This means that any user can bid a higher price than yours. The minimal bet at Stage 1 starts at 100 LJ Tokens (later all journal owners will have a possibility to set it themselves).
The promoted entry must be public; the journal or community where it is posted must remain visible (i. e. not be deleted or suspended).
You can promote only entries posted to your journal or your community (if you are its owner or maintainer).
The entry must meet the LiveJournal requirements for promotion and the requirements of the journal owner.

LiveJournal requirements to promotion

Before placing your entry to promo slot in other user’s journal please make sure that it meets the following requirements:
If the entry doesn’t meet any of the requirements, the owner of the promo slot has the right to remove it from the Promo.

How can I stop promotion?

You can stop promotion of the entry on the My orders page in the LJ Shop by pressing the Cancel button. Please note that LJ Tokens for unused time will not be refunded.
You can also get to the My orders page by clicking the “Cancel” link in the promo slot.

Why was the promotion of my entry discontinued?

The promotion of the entry can be discontinued by the following reasons:
  • the entry doesn’t meet the LiveJournal requirements or the requirements of the promo slot owner;
  • the entry or the journal it was posted failed to remain visible (was set to “Friends only” mode or was deleted or suspended);
  • you opted out of Cyrillic services.

How many LJ Tokens will I get as a refund?

Refunds are calculated according to the following formula:

N = (((max promotion time — # of minutes your entry was promoted, rounded up to 5) / max promotion time) х promotion price). N is rounded down to 10


If you bid 500 Tokens for your entry to be promoted for 12 hours, but someone else entered a higher bid after 1 hour 36 minutes minutes, you would receive a refund of:
N = (((720 - 100) / 720) * 500),10) = 430,55 LJ Tokens, rounded to 430 LJ Tokens

LJ Tokens won’t be refunded in the following cases:
  • If the promotion was stopped by the user who ordered it.
  • If the promotion was stopped by the author of the entry that was promoted by the owner or the maintainer of the community.
  • If the privacy level of the entry is changed (it is not public any more).
  • If the entry or the account where it was posted is deleted.
  • If the entry or the account where it was posted is suspended.
  • If the author of the entry opted out of Cyrillic services.

How can I filter and mass-purchase slots in journals/communities?

  1. Visit the Promo in Journals page in the LJ Shop.
  2. Enter required filtration parameters:
    • Social capital of owner;
    • Journal’s last update time;
    • Price;
    • Promotion duration;
    • Show only empty slots.
  3. Click "Apply filter":
    • You can clear all filters by clicking "Clear filters";
    • You can clear filters individually by pressing "X" next to the appropriate filter and clicking "Apply filter".
  4. You will see the results of your filter displayed with check-boxes, which are selected by default. A dialog will prompt you to purchase them all immediately. Alternatively, you can un-check journals/communities from your filter results before placing your order.
  5. After clicking "Buy all", you will be transferred to the "Order" tab, where you will be able to specify the entry that you would like to promote.
  6. Agree to the requirements of LiveJournal for promotion.
  7. Click "Promote" and wait for your order to be completed. Please note: leaving the interface before the order is completed will mean that the order is only partially completed. It is highly recommended that you wait until the results of the operation are displayed before continuing browsing.

Last Updated: March 17th, 2021

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