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Frequently Asked Question #385. What is Promo in journals?

Any LJ users who opted into Cyrillic services can promote their entries in promo slots of the listed journals. Only public entries can be promoted.

From the second stage onwards, all LiveJournal users past a social capital threshold (to be determined later) will be able to place promo slots in their journals. This will be announced in ru_news ((subscribe).
Promo in journals is a service that allows users to add promo slots in their journals. The bidding process for Promo in journals works on similar principles to Auction promo. Users can promote their entries in numerous journals’ promo slots simultaneously. Thus you can earn tokens for promotions in your journal and at the same time promote your own entries in popular journals.

Here are the main features of Promo in journals:
  • During Stage 1 promo slots can be placed in a limited number of journals. You can find their list in the LJ Shop.
  • The promo slot is displayed to all visitors of the journal (including not logged-in visitors) on the entries pages and - for journals with Style System 2 - on the journal page
  • Any LJ user opted into Cyrillic services can promote his entries in the listed journals
  • You can purchase promotion for LJ Tokens. This feature uses an auction system where users bid for their entry to be displayed. The minimum bid price is 10 LJ Tokens.
  • The time of the promotion depends on the social capital of the journal owner. The higher the social capital, the less time the entry will be promoted.
  • Only public entries that meet the LJ requirements (as well as the requirements of the journal owner) can be promoted

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Last Updated: August 2nd, 2016

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