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Frequently Asked Question #373. What is Calendar Promo?

This service is available for users who have opted into Cyrillic services. Only public entries can be promoted.

Calendar Promo is a service that allows you to draw users' attention to a specified LiveJournal entry. It allows you to purchase a specific time period for your entry to be promoted on the LiveJournal homepage, and can be purchased in the LiveJournal Shop.
Calendar Promo features:
  • Promotion price is fixed (but discounts may apply, see below).

  • Promotion slots in Calendar Promo can be purchased in advance of when you want your entry promoted.

  • Entries containing advertising materials are permitted in Calendar Promo.

The Calendar Promo is displayed on the LiveJournal homepage and on the ratings page with Cyrillic ratings enabled. The Calendar Promo slot is only displayed when an entry has been purchased for the current time.

Payment for the Calendar Promo is made using LJ Tokens in the LiveJournal Shop. The Calendar Promo price is fixed, and is determined by LiveJournal staff members. There is a 50% discount for all weekend time slots, as well as the following discounts for slots that remain vacant shortly before they are due to start:

  • 2 hours prior to start: 25%.

  • 1 hour prior to start: 50%.

  • 30 minutes prior to start: 75%.

The promotion period of an entry in Calendar Promo varies depending on the time:

  • 00:00–02:00 and 07:00–09:00 – 2 hours

  • 02:00–07:00 – 5 hours

  • 09:00–00:00 – 1 hour

All times listed above are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

A time slot can be purchased in advance of promotion only if the slot is vacant. The username of the owner of a slot is displayed in the shop timetable to all users prior to promotion, but no one will be able to see the entry designated for promotion prior to the start time.

What entries can be promoted in Calendar Promo?

Only public entries can be promoted in Calendar Promo.

The following are permitted in Calendar Promo:

  • Your personal journal entries

  • Entries from a community which you are the owner or maintainer of.

  • Entries from a journal, whose owner has permitted promotion of their entries. In order to permit promotion of your entries, check the 'Content Promotion' option in your privacy settings. You can only find out if a user has permitted the promotion of their entries by asking them personally.

The following are not permitted in Calendar Promo:

How to promote an entry?

In order to promote an entry in Calendar Promo, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Calendar Promo section of the LiveJournal shop.

  2. Select a date in the calendar. You can purchase you promotion slot up to 2 months prior to promotion.

  3. Choose a time for promotion and press the 'Buy' button.

  4. Check the "I have read the requirements of LiveJournal for promotion" check-box and click 'Yes'.

  5. Enter the link to the entry, which you would like to promote in Calendar Promo. You can specify the entry for promotion at any time between purchasing the slot and the slot's promotion time. If you have not specified an entry an hour prior to the promotion time, you will receive reminder in the form of an email notification.

  6. After confirming the purchase, you will receive an email with information about the promotion time.

The entry will appear in the Calendar Promo block on the date and time you selected at purchase.

Are there any other restrictions for promoted entries?

After the start of promotion, you may not edit the promoted entry.

If you have not specified an entry before the promotion time, you may still specify it after the promotion time has started. However, you may not change the promoted entry during promotion.

An entry in Calendar Promo:

  • Can not be promoted in the Auction Promo service at the same time. If the entry is already being promoted in the Auction Promo slot when the Calendar Promo promotion time starts, it will be removed from the Auction Promo slot.

  • Can not be displayed in the Entry Ratings until the promotion period ends or is cancelled. If the entry is present in the Ratings when the promotion period starts, it will be hidden from the Ratings until the end of the promotion period.

Why was promotion of an entry stopped?

Promotion of a Calendar Promo entry stops if:

  • The promoted entry is deleted or suspended.

  • The entry author's journal is deleted or suspended.

  • The journal of the user who purchased the time slot is deleted or suspended.

  • The privacy level of the entry changes to anything other than 'Public'.

  • The entry was marked as containing adult content.

In all of these cases, LJ Tokens for unused time are not refunded.

How do I cancel promotion of an entry?

Journal entry: the promotion of a journal entry can be cancelled by the author of the entry or the user who purchased the promotion slot (if he is not the author of the entry).

Community entry: the promotion of a community entry can be cancelled by the author of the entry, the owner or maintainer(s) of the community where the entry is posted or the user who purchased the promotion slot.

The user who purchased a Calendar Promo slot can abandon the promotion slot prior to or during promotion. LJ Tokens are refunded in the following cases:

  • When abandoning the slot more than 1 week prior to promotion time: 100% of the slot's cost is refunded.

  • When abandoning the slot 1-7 days prior to promotion time: 50% of the slot's cost is refunded.

When abandoning a slot less than 24 hours prior to promotion (or during promotion), no refund is made.

If promotion of an entry is canceled by a user who didn't purchase the slot (e.g. the owner of a community promoted an entry from his community in Calendar Promo and its author cancelled the promotion), LJ Tokens are not refunded.

Last Updated: November 20th, 2018

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