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Frequently Asked Question #372. What is a community email? How do I send an email to all community members?

Community emails are available only to communities with Professional and Permanent package of service. Your community's account type is listed on its profile page.

More information on account levels    → account with Professional package of service benefits

Owners and maintainers of communities with Professional and Permanent package of service can send a plain-text email to all members of the community up to once per day. To send a community email click on the Community Email link next to the community name on the Manage Communities page, fill out the Subject and Message Text boxes, and click send.

Read a history of prior community emails

Owners and maintainers of a community with Professional package of service can see a history of all previously sent community e-mails. This history appears below the "Email all community members" form and lists out the date of each email, along with the subject and the author.

Opting out of receiving community emails

All members of a community are automatically opted-in to receiving community emails from that community. To opt-out of receiving emails from a particular community, you can either a) click the pushpin icon for trackingTrack link on the community's profile page, or b) type http://www.livejournal.com/manage/subscriptions/user.bml?journal=examplecommunity into the address bar of your browser, replacing examplecommunity with the name of the community you wish to stop receiving emails from. In either case, once you arrive at the Manage Message Settings page you can uncheck the box next to examplecommunity sends an email to all community members.
A link to unsubscribe from a community's emails appears at the end of each community email.

What happens if a community's account with Professional package of service expires?

If a community's Professional package expires, owners and maintainers will no longer be able to send new community emails, nor see the history of sent community emails. The history is kept, however, so that if a community gets a Professional package of service again the history will still be there.

Last Updated: April 17th, 2020

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