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Frequently Asked Question #367. What order do my entries appear in my journal? How do I exclude entries from RSS feeds and friends pages?

Your entries are ordered in your journal based on the time and date they are posted, with your most recent entries showing at the top of your journal. There are, however, two exceptions to this:
  • You can set one entry as a sticky post to have it display at the top of your journal regardless of when it was posted.
  • You can edit an entry after it has been posted to your journal to alter the time & date of the entry. This will cause the edited entry to be ordered based on the new date and time you select. Please note that attempting to edit the date & time when initially creating a new entry will result in it being scheduled to post at the date & time you choose.

In the communities all the entries will appear based on the actual time they were posted (not the time set by their authors). There is no way to change this order.

On the friends page of users who have added you as a friend, and RSS / Atom feeds, entries will appear based on the actual time you posted the entry, and are not affected if you edit the date and time of the entry.

If you do not want an entry to appear on friends pages, you can choose the "Do not add to friends pages and RSS" option on the Update or Edit journal page. New entries posted with this option selected will not appear on friends pages.
If you edit an entry and add this option, it will cause the entry to stop displaying on friends pages. If you have previously posted an entry with this option selected, and edit the entry to remove it, the entry will appear on friends pages ordered based on the time the entry was originally posted.
This option is available only to entries posted in personal journals; community entries do not have this option available.

Last Updated: October 23rd, 2012

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