What is Social Capital on LiveJournal?

Social Capital is shown for all personal journals and communities, which have opted into ratings on "Privacy" tab in Account Settings page and are Cyrillic Services users.

Social Capital is an indicator that reflects the influence of a specific user or community on LiveJournal.
Social Capital is intended to identify how active and influential a user or community is. Each account's Social Capital is based on many different criteria, including the number of users who have added the journal or community to their Friends list, and various other activity throughout the site: how old and active the account is, do they leave comments in other journals and communities, how often do they log in, and many other factors that differentiate real users from bot accounts.

Social Capital is calculated for all LiveJournal users, with the exception of empty or inactive journals, and suspected bot accounts; these are not included in Social Capital calculations and do not increase the rating of any user or community.

Social Capital is used in calculating the Ratings feature for journals and communities.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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