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How can I publish an entry at a particular time in the future? What is a scheduled entry?

When you post an entry, you can either have it posted immediately, or schedule it to be posted at any later time and date.

To schedule the posting of a new entry in the modern Post Editor:
  1. On the Post New Entry page click on "Tune in and publish" button;
  2. Click on the edit icon near "When";
  3. Choose "Set date and time";
  4. Press the calendar icon and select the date you want your entry to be posted on (or manually input it);
  5. Press the clock icon and select the time you want the entry to be posted (or manually input it);
  6. Press "Save" and then "Publish" to post your scheduled entry.
To schedule the posting of a new entry in old Post Editor:
  1. On the Update Journal page, click "Change" in the "Date" field;
  2. Click on the date;
  3. Select in the calendar the date you want your entry to be posted on or manually enter it;
  4. Manually enter the time you want the entry to be posted;
  5. Press the "Post to" button at the end of the page.

Scheduled entries still respect the same settings as normal entries; they can be posted at any privacy level, commenting options can still be set, etc. The scheduled entry will be posted to your journal and appear on the friends pages of your friends when the scheduled date and time comes.

The date and time of the entry are set to your local time using JavaScript. To ensure the entry posts when you intend it to, make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser, and set your time zone correctly on the Account Setting page.

All your scheduled entries can be seen and edited at Sheduled posts tab of the New Post editor or at You can reach these pages through main menu's "Manage entries" or "Scheduled Entries" options.

You can edit the date of a scheduled entry after it has been scheduled in the following ways:
  • Change the date to another time which is also in the future. The entry will remain scheduled and will be published on the new date you choose;
  • If you change the date to the current time, or a date which is in the past, the entry will be posted immediately.

Scheduled entries in communities

You can also post scheduled entries to communities. If the community is moderated, you need to be allowed to post entries without moderation to post a scheduled entry to it.
Scheduled entries in communities can be seen before the scheduled date comes by their entry's author and by the community's moderators, maintainers and owner.

If the person who has scheduled an entry to a community loses the right to post there before the entry is posted (if they were removed as a member of a members-only community, their unmoderated posting status was removed, or their account is suspended), their scheduled entry will not be posted and will be deleted automatically.

Scheduled entries in communities can be deleted at any time by their author, community maintainers, and by the owner of the community.

Last Updated: May 4th, 2022

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