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Frequently Asked Question #350. What is Promo? How can I promote my entries on LiveJournal?

This service is available for users who have opted into Cyrillic services. Only public entries can be promoted.

The Promo feature allows you to promote your entries, journal and communities on LiveJournal's home page and on the Ratings page.
You can purchase promotion for LJ Tokens. This feature uses an auction system where users bid for the ability to promote their entry, journal or community for 1 hour. If nobody has purchased a time slot, you can simply purchase it for 50 Tokens. However, if the promo position is already in use, you can bid a higher price than the previous bidder in order for your entry, journal or community to be promoted during this time. All promotion slots start at 50 Tokens, and all bids must be in increments of 50 Tokens.

Similarly, another user can outbid you and drive your entry, journal or community out of the promo placement for a time slot you have bid for. If this happens, you will receive a refund for the unused time. You can regain your placement by putting in a new, higher bid.

Refunds are calculated according to the following formula:

Refund = (((60 minutes – # of minutes your entry was promoted, rounded up to 5) / 60 ) * Payment amount) rounded to 5

For example, if you bid 1000 Tokens for your entry, journal or community to be promoted for 1 hour, but someone else entered a higher bid after 12 minutes, you would receive a refund of:

round(((60 - 15) / 60) * 1000),5) = 750 Tokens

If the buttons on the Promo page are inactive, it means you do not have enough Tokens to purchase the current time slot available. You will need to purchase more Tokens in order to enter a bid.

After making a successful Promo bid, you will start receiving automatic notifications on all relevant events to your email address and LiveJournal Inbox. The system will notify you about a successful bid and when your entry, journal or community is removed from Promo (with the reason stated).

Please note that in the following cases your entry promotion will be cancelled without a refund:

  • If the privacy level of the entry is changed.

  • If the entry or account which posted it is deleted.

  • If the entry or account which posted it is suspended.

  • If you are repeating promotion of the entry, previously removed by LiveJournal.

Promotion of the entry

The link to your entry and several first sentences appears in the Promo module on the homepage and the Ratings page.
You can promote any public entry posted to your personal journal.
Public entries posted to communities can be promoted either by their author or by the community owner or maintainers. In that case the notification about a successful bid is sent to the owner / maintainer of the community and to the author of the entry. The author can cancel promotion on the self promo page. In this case the owner / maintainer of the community wouldn't receive a refund.
The entry can't be promoted in Auction and Calendar Promo at the same time. If the promotion in Calendar Promo starts while the entry is still in Auction Promo, the last one (Auction) will be cancelled.

The entry from the Promo that gets to Popular entries rating is marked by a star. The entry being promoted won't appear in the Popular entries module on the homepage before the end of the promotion.

Promotion of journals

The promoted journal appears in the module "Popular journals".
The journal can be promoted by its owner only. The journal must contain at least one public entry to be promoted.
If the journal is already in top 10 Popular Journals, it can't be placed in Promo.

Promotion of communities

Community can be promoted by its owner or maintainer. Maintainer with suspended or deleted account can't promote a community. If the owner's / maintainer's account is deleted or suspended during promotion, the community is removed from Promo.
The user with an identity or OpenID account, being the maintainer of the community, can also promote it.
Promotion can be cancelled on the self promo page. Tokens are refunded to the owner or maintainer, who placed community in Promo.
The community must contain at least one public entry to be promoted. If the community is already in top 10 Popular Communities, it can't be promoted.

Requirements for promotion

Before placing your entry to Self Promo please make sure that it meets the following requirements:
  • complies with the User Agreement

  • does not have adult content

  • does not contain advertisements

  • is not intended to bring commercial benefit.

  • journals and communities that are made for promotion of any goods or services or any other commercial, and the entries from such journals even if they don’t contain advertisement.

If the entry doesn't meet any requirement LiveJournal reserves the right to remove an entry from the Self Promo without a refund. LiveJournal also keep the right to cancel or ban any entry or journal from the Self Promo if it contradicts with LiveJournal own interests.

Last Updated: April 19th, 2022

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