What is LJ-Like? How do I use it?

LJ-Like is a feature which allows users to share their support of an author's entry in various ways. By inserting the <lj-like> tag into an entry, an author enables services that a reader can use to show their appreciation of the work. LJ-Like currently supports following services: Repost, LJ Give (10 LJ Tokens), Twitter (Tweet), Tumblr, WhatsApp, Telegram and Pocket. With the exception of LJ Give, clicking the button of an LJ-Like service in the entry will share that entry to the social media platform selected by the user. LJ Give works differently. Each time a LiveJournal user clicks the LJ Give button, 10 tokens are transferred from the user to the author of the entry in which the button appears.
In Modern post editor you can add LJ-Like in "Additional settings" of "Tune in and publish" menu.

In Old editor LJ-Like is customizable. Placing the <lj-like> tag into an entry without setting any parameters will display the most popular services available. When posting an entry, you can insert LJ-Like using either the HTML editor (by typing <lj-like> manually) or Visual editor (by pressing the 'Thumbs up' button and choosing from the drop-down menu social services you would like to see in your post).

In HTML editor you can specify the inclusion and display order of the LJ-Like services by using the 'buttons' parameter. For example:

LJ-Like feature with no parameters will display the most common share options

LJ-Like feature with the LJ Give (10 LJ Tokens) service enabled
<lj-like buttons="livejournal" /> or <lj-like buttons="lj" />
image for demonstration purposes only

LJ-Like feature with the Twitter, Telegram and WhatsApp services enabled
<lj-like buttons="twitter,telegram,whatsap" /> or <lj-like buttons="tw,tg,wa" />
image for demonstration purposes only

Some services can be referenced with one of two possible parameter values:

  • Tumblr: tumblr or tb

  • Twitter: twitter or tw

  • Telegam: telegram or tg;

  • WhatsApp: whatsapp ot wa;

  • LJ Give: livejournal or lj

Last Updated: March 22nd, 2022

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