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Frequently Asked Question #340. What is LJ Give? How can I donate LJ Tokens to another user?

LJ Give is a service available via the LJ-Like feature that allows users to share their appreciation of an author's post. Each time a LiveJournal user clicks the LJ Give button, 10 tokens are transferred to the author of the post in which the button appears. The tokens can be purchased in LJ Shop and then used to purchase features and services like an account with Professional package of service, Custom Userheads, or Virtual Gifts for your friends.
The LJ Give button is enabled by including the <lj-like buttons="lj"> tag in the body of the entry. The LJ Give feature can be specified in this tag using either the 'livejournal' or 'lj' buttons parameter. Please note, the LJ Give button is not displayed in a post by default. The author must include the tag in the post. If the LJ Give button is missing from a post then the author most likely decided not to include the button. In an entry, the LJ-Like button appears like this:

image for demonstration purposes only

For prompt notification of LJ Tokens being sent to your account, enable the preferred 'Someone sends me LJ Tokens' checkboxes located on the Notifications tab of your account settings.

There are other services supported by the <lj-like> tag. Visit the LJ-Like FAQ for more information.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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