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Frequently Asked Question #332. What is a community moderator?

A moderator is a personal account that can manage entries in a community's moderation queue, approve or deny membership requests, and manage comments to community entries.
When a community has moderated posting, entries are submitted to the moderation queue, where a moderator can then approve or reject them. The moderation queue can be accessed through the Community Management page under the "Awaiting Moderation" column.

Moderators do not have the ability to change any settings in the community or to delete entries once they have been approved from the moderation queue, but they can approve or deny membership requests, screen and freeze comments, and apply tags.

Please note: LiveJournal users often use the term "moderator" when they are actually referring to a community maintainer.

Comparison chart

Community settings
Owner Maintainer Moderator
Rename community yes no no
Delete community yes no no
Remove maintainers yes no no
Add new maintainers yes yes no
View and change community settings yes yes no
Change community style yes yes no
Send community email to all members yes yes no
Turn on & receive community pingbacks yes yes no
Invite, remove, or ban users yes yes no
Appoint or remove moderators yes yes no
Approve or reject requests for membership (if applicable) yes yes yes
Create a sticky entry yes yes no
Delete entries / Mark community entries as spam yes yes no
Approve or reject entries in the moderation queue of a moderated community yes yes yes
Create tags yes yes Sometimes, see note 1 below1
Add tags to entry yes yes yes
Remove tags from entry yes yes Sometimes, see note 1 below1
Delete comments yes yes no
Freeze comments yes yes yes
Screen comments yes yes yes
See screened comments yes yes Sometimes, see note 2 below2
Unscreen comments yes yes Sometimes, see note 2 below2
1 - While a moderator can always add existing tags, they can only create new tags or remove tags from an entry if the "Who can create new tags and add/remove tags from entries" on Manage Tags is set to Members Only, Any User, or to a Custom Security Group that contains that moderator.
2 - When a moderator screens a comment that comment is collapsed but a link remains for the moderator to unscreen the comment. If they refresh the page, that comment will then be entirely hidden and can't be unscreened.

Last Updated: May 30th, 2013

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