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What is LiveJournal Magazine?

This FAQ applies only to SUP users who operates in the new design version. You can check your settings here.

LJ Magazine contents

LiveJournal Magazine is the most complete selection of blogosphere news – it's a service covering a multimillion Cyrillic user base of LiveJournal which reflects its interests and the interests of the Russian internet in general. LJ Magazine is the excerpt of everything most informative on LiveJournal, allowing LiveJournal users to receive the most engaging information on the fly.

LJ Magazine is displayed on all pages of and is available for both registered and non-registered users. Registered users can turn it on (off) by activating (disactivating) the «Bottom information strip» checkbox at the «Extentions» tab on the Account Settings page. By default, LJ Magazine is displayed as a status bar at the bottom of the page containing a rotating set of interesting stuff to read, a link to LJ Magazine page and a «Surprise me» link to a random journal. You can sign up for LJ NewsLetter at the «Notifications» tab on the Account Settings page.
You can learn more about LJ Magazine contents here.

LJ Times

LJ Times is an analogue of LJ Magazine, but it is only accessible in the old design version. At the right corner there is LJ Alerts sign which shows how many unread notifications you have got. Design version can be selected at the «Display» tab on the Account Settings page. Note that when you enable LJ Times in the old design version, LJ Magazine will be enabled automatically when switching to new design.

Last Updated: November 24th, 2016

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