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Frequently Asked Question #316. What is a custom userhead? How do I get a custom userhead?

You can replace the standard userhead (), which is displayed next to your username and as favicon for all your journal's pages, with one of the custom userheads from our collection in the LiveJournal Shop.

Any custom userhead is valid for a period of one year from the time of purchase, whether or not you have other custom userheads already on your account.

To buy a custom userhead for yourself:

  1. Go to the Custom Userheads section in the LiveJournal Shop.

  2. Select your desired userhead.

  3. Click Add to cart, select a payment method and click Check out.

The selected custom userhead will be automatically applied to your journal. You can always change it at the Edit Profile page.

To give a custom userhead to another user:

  1. Go to the Custom Userheads section in the LiveJournal Shop.

  2. Select the BUY AS A GIFT tab and enter the username of the recipient, then click Next →.

  3. Select a delivery date and the desired userhead, then click Add to cart. Select a payment method and click Check out.

Please note: Any custom userheads set as a gift will not be automatically applied to the recipient's journal. The recipient will need to go to the Edit Profile page and select the new userhead.

To suggest your own userhead design:

Every user has the opportunity to expand the number of userheads in the LiveJournal Shop. You can design your own userhead and post it in an an entry to the community lj_userheads. If the LiveJournal accepts the design, it will appear in the LiveJournal Shop and anyone will be able to buy it. As the designer of the userhead, you will receive it for free. The size and other design requirements for the new userheads can be found in profile of lj_userheads.

How to get a personal userhead?
A personal userhead is unique, provided to only one user and unavailable for purchase to anyone else in the LiveJournal Shop. One user can buy as many personal userheads as they like.

A personal userhead costs 5000 LJ Tokens and lasts for 5 years.

How to purchase a personal userhead

  1. Write a post in lj_userheads containing the userhead that you wish to buy. Add the tag 'personal' to the post.
    The author of the post must be the user who wishes to subsequently buy the userhead.

  2. Wait for the moderator's approval of the userhead (igrick, tritankista). The userhead must conform to the rules outlined in the community profile.

  3. A moderator's approval is expressed by a comment to your post of the type "This will do, you can pay for it now".
  4. After receiving approval, transfer 5000 LJ Tokens to the user livejournal (this can be done here).

  5. The userhead will be installed within 24 hours of the LJ Tokens transfer to livejournal. The personalised userhead will appear on the 'Edit Profile' page.

  6. After the userhead appears on the 'Edit Profile' page, it can be applied by clicking on it and then clicking 'Save' at the bottom of the page. The current userhead is denoted by a frame.

Last Updated: March 23rd, 2018

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