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Frequently Asked Question #309. How will other users find my community? What can I do to make my community easy to find?

Other users may find your community by searching the Community Directory, through Interest Searches, or several other ways. To increase the chances that your community is found by users who may be interested in becoming members there are several things you, as the community owner or maintainer, can do.

To be included in the Community Directory

You may submit your community to the Community Directory under two different sub-topics that related to your community's theme. Since there are no search filters on the Community Directory, only communities that are appropriate for all ages will be included.

To submit your community:

1. Make sure you have a descriptive title and description for your community.

A title can be added by going to the Customize Journal Style page, selecting the community from the "Switch to" drop-down in the upper right-hand corner, then clicking "Go". Fill in a Journal title that is descriptive and then click "Save".

A description can be added to your community profile on the Edit Profile page. Select your community in the "Work as user" drop-down at the top, then click "Switch". The second section down is "Community Description" - this should be a one-sentence sum-up of what your community is about.

2. Submit your community to the Community Directory

To submit your community or manage the categories under which your community is listed, go to the Manage Commmunities page and scroll to the bottom. On the lower right-hand side of the page, click Manage Community Directory Listings. Select a community from the drop-down and click "Switch". Once you have selected two topics or sub-topics for your community, click "Update". Your changes will be submitted and will show as "Pending" until they are approved. You can change which topic your community is listed under by returning to this page and following the same steps.

Adding interests so users can find your community through the Interest Search

In order to be sure your community is found, you should enter as many interests relating to your community as you can. To edit the interests on your community's profile, go to the Manage profile page and select your community in the "Work as user" drop-down and click "Switch".

Please note that you may not advertise or promote your community on LiveJournal by spamming other users. Promoting your community by posting unwanted or unsolicited advertisements in communities or journals is a form of spam, and is not permitted. Community maintainers are prohibited from asking their community's members promote for their community in the form of unwanted posts in other communities or spam comments in other journals or communities. Any promotion of your community must adhere to LiveJournal's guielines on commercial activity.

Last Updated: August 3rd, 2021

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