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Frequently Asked Question #306. How do I read my protected entries via RSS?

When you view your RSS feed in your browser while logged into LiveJournal, you will see all your recent entries; someone who is not logged in or not on your Friends list cannot see any protected entries in the feed.

Users on your Friends list can either log into LiveJournal and use an RSS reader built in to their web browser (or that shares cookies with their web browser) to authenticate by providing their LiveJournal cookies, or they may use HTTP Digest Authentication by adding ?auth=digest to the end of the feed URL, then sending their LiveJournal username and password in the request for the feed. If the URL already contains a question mark, add &auth=digest instead.

Note: If you use HTTP Digest Authentication, your client must send the "qop=auth" parameter in the digest authentication header. If you are having trouble using digest authentication, please ensure that your client does this.

Reading Protected Entries with Other Readers

Only the methods listed above are supported by LiveJournal for viewing your protected entries via RSS or Atom. LiveJournal does not support third-party RSS readers (such as Google Reader or Netvibes) unless these readers can authenticate via one of the methods provided above. Unless the third-party service supports authentication and you provide it with your LiveJournal credentials, the service cannot retrieve protected entries.

Please note that we do not recommend you give your LiveJournal credentials to any third-party service.

General note: Any entry that is initially posted at a Public security level may be cached or stored by third-party RSS readers, search engines, or users until you edit the security level of the entry. Even after you have changed the security level of an entry, any caches or databases that were updated while the entry was Public may contain your entry. To ensure the privacy of your entries, please ensure that you initially post them at a protected (e.g. Friends Only or Private) security level. You may wish to view this FAQ regarding how to ensure all of your LiveJournal entries are initially posted protected; you can use this information to ensure that no unauthorized persons or services have access to your entries.

Last Updated: March 21st, 2016

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