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Frequently Asked Question #304. Why am I receiving unwanted email from or about LiveJournal?

Emails about LiveJournal or a LiveJournal account may come from several different sources, not all of which are under LiveJournal's control. LiveJournal only sends site-related email messages to users registered with our service, and you can control most of the emails you receive in connection with your account. Other emails that reference a LiveJournal account may be sent by a LiveJournal user through the Share This or Invite a Friend features or directly through the user's email client. Lastly, there are unfortunately a variety of "spam" emails that reference LiveJournal accounts, but these emails are not authorized or sent by LiveJournal itself.

Emails from LiveJournal

Emails that are sent by LiveJournal itself are related in some way to a LiveJournal account registered to your email address. There are several types of emails you may receive. Most of these messages can be adjusted to suit your preferences by opting in or out of various categories of messages. These categories include: If you no longer wish to receive emails for notifications that appear in your Inbox, you must uncheck the Also notify me by Email boxes on the Notifications tab of the My Account Settings page. Neither LiveJournal Support nor staff can unsubscribe you.

You cannot opt out of receiving security related messages, such as the automatic notification that your journal has been deleted. Similarly, you also cannot opt out of messages sent by LiveJournal staff or volunteers, such as those sent by the Abuse Prevention Team or responses to a Support request you opened.

If you no longer wish to receive any emails from LiveJournal, you must delete all of the accounts associated with your email address. You may need to use the Lost Information Page to find those accounts.

Emails Not Sent by LiveJournal

LiveJournal does not send unsolicited commercial emails, nor is there a user-accessible email feature on the service which could be used to send such emails. If you are receiving messages that appear to be commercial spam, these emails are not coming from LiveJournal, even those that link to a LiveJournal account that may offer commercial products. Such messages may be coming from a number of different sources. Email "From" addresses can be forged, and are not a reliable way to determine who actually sent the message.

Some of the unwanted emails that have been reported include messages:
  • Sent with a forged @livejournal.com "from" address, sometimes including the actual affected user's LiveJournal username. These messages are typical spam content and do not mention LiveJournal. There is nothing LiveJournal can do in this case, since the emails do not pass through any server under LiveJournal's control.

  • Sent from a random address or a forged @livejournal.com address, and mention a LiveJournal account in the body of the message. The linked accounts often contain standard spam content, such as pharmaceutical or adult-themed ads. Even though these emails link to a LiveJournal account, they are not being sent by LiveJournal and do not pass through our servers. LiveJournal therefore has no control over these emails. You may wish to contact your email provider or ISP for information on blocking spam.

  • Received through a Professional or Permanent package of service account holder's exampleusername@livejournal.com email alias. To make sure you get all of the messages addressed to you, LiveJournal does not use spam filtering on user's email aliases. You can employ your own spam filters to reduce this type of spam.

  • Received directly to your personal email address, and do not appear to be connected with LiveJournal at all. You might receive spam like this if you show your email address on your profile. To reduce such spam, you can activate the Mangle your displayed email address option, which can help prevent automated spam bots from reading the email address on your profile.

Further Reading

For more information about how LiveJournal uses your email address, please see our User Agreement.

Last Updated: March 17th, 2021

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