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Frequently Asked Question #301. What is the Hover Menu? How do I enable or disable it?

The Hover Menu appears when you hover your mouse pointer over an account type icon (, , or the custom userhead) or a user's userpic. The menu contains several options for managing your relationship with that user, community, or feed. The menu is enabled by default, but it can be disabled or re-enabled from the Admin Console:

  • To enable: set opt_ctxpopup Y

  • To disable: set opt_ctxpopup N

Hover Menu Features for All Accounts

  • See your status with that user or journal: The Hover Menu mentions if you list the user as a friend, if they are a mutual friend, if you are watching a feed or community or if you are a member of a community. If you have no current connections with the user, feed, or community, it will simply list the username.

  • See a journal's userpics: Click on the userpic displayed in the hover menu to go see the userpics uploaded to that journal.

  • Add or edit your note for that journal.

  • Social Capital:See the Social Capital for a community or a user opted into Cyrillic Services.

  • Buy a virtual gift from the LiveJournal Gift Shop for a user or community.

Hover Menu Features for Personal Journals

Hover Menu Features for Communities

Moreover, if you log in to the LiveJournal under your username, in the Hover Menu you may make sure that you are you indeed:)

Last Updated: August 21st, 2017

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