How does LiveJournal auto-detect my location? Where do I enter my location?

You can enter your current location on any entry you post, and you can display your Location in your profile. You can manually enter your location, have it detected by IP address, or leave it blank.
You can enter your location when posting an entry. If you use the Post an Entry page, or edit an existing entry, your location can be automatically detected by clicking the Detect button next to the "Location:" field. Whether or not you detect your location, the text in the "Location:" field will be displayed on your journal entry as a link to a Google Maps search for the location. Use discretion when sharing sensitive locations, like your exact home or work address, on the Internet.

You can set the Location section of your profile to display your location on your profile. If it is displayed to Everybody or Registered Users, other LiveJournal users can find your journal by searching by location. You can enter your location manually, or it can be automatically detected by clicking the Detect button. If you are in the United States, you can enter your ZIP code to fill in your city and state. If the ZIP code uses the wrong city, you must remove the ZIP code in order to change the information.

How detection works

By default, LiveJournal uses GeoLite data from MaxMind to get your country, state or province (if applicable), and city from your IP address. If you are working behind a proxy, the detected location will be that of the proxy. LiveJournal does not save IP addresses used to detect locations.

Last Updated: October 24th, 2011

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