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Frequently Asked Question #295. How do I set a nickname for a friend? What is the notes feature?

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A note is a short, private name, nickname, or description that you can assign to any other LiveJournal user. A note can only be seen by you, and can only be seen when you are logged in to your LiveJournal account.

Adding a note

To add a note for a user, select Add Note from the Hover Menu for that user, or the Add Note option from the menu on the right side of their profile page. You can add, edit, or remove notes for your Friends on the Manage Friends page, and for any user on the Manage Notes page. Notes can also be added when adding a user as a Friend, or on the Ban and Unban Users page. When banning a group of users from the Ban and Unban Users page, you can optionally set the same note for all of them.

When adding a note, please be aware that a note can be up to 200 plain-text characters in any language. Any HTML you enter will not be interpreted and will be displayed exactly as typed. There is a limit of 64 kilobytes for the total size of the text of the notes you have set for all users.

Viewing notes

Any note you have assigned can only be seen by you. It is not possible for any other user, including the user to whom the note is assigned, to see the note you have entered, or even to know that one has been set.

A note will appear in the following locations:
  • below the user's name in the Hover Menu;
  • as a tooltip when you hover over their name in an <lj user> link;
  • on site-schemed comment pages, immediately after the username of a comment poster
  • on the user's profile, immediately after their username;
  • on the Manage Friends page;
  • on the Ban and Unban Users page;
  • on the Manage Notes page
If a note has been assigned to a particular user, you will see an asterisk (*) after any <lj user> link for their username, even if the text of that link has been changed.

Editing a note

Any note can be edited from the same places you can add a note, but the links will read "Edit Note" instead of "Add Note". Existing notes are displayed in grey text unless they have been changed. If you attempt to enter a user for whom you have already set a note in the New note: field, a warning is displayed, as the new note will replace the existing note if saved.

Notes can be deleted on the Manage Notes page by selecting the checkbox next to the note and clicking the Delete selected notes button.

To save a change to a note on the Ban and Unban Users page, use the Save Changes button after making any changes.

Last Updated: December 19th, 2019

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