Frequently Asked Question #291. What is the "Find Your Friends" feature? Can I search for my email contacts on LiveJournal?

The Find Your Friends feature makes it easy to find existing friends using your web-based email contacts list, and to add them to your Friends List or send them a note to tell them about your LiveJournal account.

This feature provides a variety of security settings to reflect the various ways in which someone would want or not want to be found. Users who have not logged in recently may be presented with an interstitial asking them to select a setting.

Find Your Friends

To search for existing friends using your web-based email contacts list, go to the Find Your Friends page and enter your username and password for your email account. This information will be used only during this instance, and will not be stored or used in any other way.

You will be given the opportunity to Add As Friend any of your current contacts who already have LiveJournal accounts. After that, you can select which contacts you'd like to invite to LiveJournal. If they create a LiveJournal account from your invitation, you will be automatically added to their Friends List.

Your Find by Email Setting

To change your settings indicating whether or not you want others to be able to find you by searching for your primary email address, go to the privacy tab on the Account Settings page.

The choices for Find by email are:

-Yes -- but don't show my username

For each of these settings, the results are as follows:

No -- don't allow my email address to be searchable with the "Find Your Friends" feature.
Yes -- but don't show my username -- Only show my email address and allow users to send me a notification about their new journal. I can then choose to add them as a Friend if/when I want to.
Yes -- both your email address and username will show up in the search results

Please note that you may also, separately, select whether or not you display your email address on your profile by making a selection under Contact Info: Primary email: Display: on the Edit Profile page. The setting you select regarding display of your email address will not affect your searchability settings.

Last Updated: September 12th, 2009

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