What are partner communities? How do I inquire about partnering with LiveJournal?

The information in this FAQ is outdated, the features described are no longer supported.

A partner community is a LiveJournal community which is set up and maintained jointly by the LiveJournal staff and a trusted partner.

These communities may be used for discussion and/or to provide information that is of interest to both LiveJournal and its partner. For example, LiveJournal may partner with writing community sites, entertainment community sites, and other similar sites and organizations where both LiveJournal's community and the partners community benefit from interaction and engagement with each other.

Like LiveJournal communities, users who are interested in a particular partner community are welcome to join the community and post comments or entries, depending on the community's individual settings.

All partner communities are noted as such, both within the community and in the community spotlight on the home page. They are also specially designated within interest searches. Partner communities may also have third party tracking enabled to measure the reach of their campaign. Your email address, any personally identifying information, and protected entries are never shared with partners.

If you're interested in becoming a partner organization, please send us an inquiry.

Last Updated: October 8th, 2020

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