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Frequently Asked Question #286. What are Cyrillic Services? How can I opt in or out of these services?

Cyrillic Services refers to the group of services originally designed for Russian-speaking users of LiveJournal, as well as users physically located in Eastern Europe.

To enable Cyrillic Services:

  1. Navigate to the Display tab of the My Account Settings page.

  2. Select the Opt me into services originally developed for the Cyrillic users option. You may opt out of these services at any time by deactivating this option. Please be aware that many parts of this service are only available in Russian.

  3. Click the Save button.

Features of Cyrillic Services

Additional custom userheads

Cyrillic service users have access to different userheads in the shop.

Lanzelot site scheme

A site scheme with additional links for a Russian audience.

LJ Magazine

A news service featuring LiveJournal entries selected from the Russian users.

Self-promo block

A space on the front page of LiveJournal.ru to promote your journal or community.

Ratings for personal journals

In addition to ratings for communities and community entries, users opted into Cyrillic Services also participate in ratings for personal journals. Ratings are available for all Cyrillic users & entries and for Ukrainian users & entries.

Cyrillic domain redirect URLs

A third-level domain in жж.рф that redirects to your journal.

Comment notifications via text message

Users in Russia and Kazhakstan who use certain cell-phone carriers can elect to receive notifications via SMS.

Last Updated: September 3rd, 2014

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