How do I update my Twitter when I post to LiveJournal?

You can enable or disable Twitter cross-posting using the Connect option on the Extensions tab of the My Account Settings page.

Any entries cross-posted to Twitter will contain either the subject of the post or a snippet of the entry, along with a short URL to the full entry on LiveJournal.

For comments, the Twitter update will contain either the subject of the comment or a snippet of the comment itself, as well as a short URL directly to the comment on LiveJournal.

Please note that the cross-posting options will automatically be unchecked when commenting to a Friends Only or Private post, so that no protected comments are sent to Twitter by accident. Also note that cross-posting comments only works when you are viewing comments page in the journal style. Additionally, it is not possible to cross-post comments on protected entries or screened comments.

If your entries which should be cross-posted do not show up in your Twitter, make sure that they are set to public when posted, as the cross-posting only works for public entries. Also try logging out of your social network profiles at the "Account Settings" page and then logging in once again. If none of these helps, please submit a request to LiveJournal Support; in your request, please describe the problem and provide the link to the entry which has not been cross-posted.

Last Updated: March 22nd, 2022

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