What is LJ Talk?

LJ Talk allows you to communicate with other LiveJournal users through Instant Messaging (IM) using XMPP, also known as Jabber. LJ Talk is closely integrated with LiveJournal, and you can use it to post to your journal and receive notifications through this service. LiveJournal does not recommend or provide support for any LJ Talk clients; if you do not have an IM client that supports Jabber, you may need to use a search engine to find one. LJ Talk is powered by ejabberd.


To connect to LJ Talk, select "Jabber" or "XMPP" as the type/protocol in your client's menu.
  • If it asks for "JID" or "Jabber ID" or "Jabber Address", use "exampleusername@livejournal.com".
  • If it asks for both "Username" and "Server", use "exampleusername" and "livejournal.com".
  • Your password is your LiveJournal password.
  • If it asks for an optional "Connect Address" or "Alternate Connect Address", you can leave those fields blank. It will default to "livejournal.com", which is correct.
  • If it asks for "Old style SSL", turn that off.
  • The port number is 5222.
Many other Instant Messaging services (including AIM, Yahoo! IM, and Windows Live Messenger) are not compatible with LJ Talk, and LJ Talk users cannot communicate directly with users of incompatible IM services. Likewise, the official clients of these incompatible networks offer no way for you to connect to LJ Talk. However, many third-party IM clients allow you to connect to multiple services at once; to see if your client supports this, refer to its documentation or help files.

Posting through LJ Talk

LiveJournal operates a bot named Frank, formerly lj_bot, that you can use to post entries through LJ Talk. Frank uses the Jabber address "frank@bot.services.livejournal.com", and he will automatically appear in your Jabber contacts list. To post an entry, send a message to Frank with the text "post: Your entry here". If you want to have a subject for your entry, use "post: [Subject line] Your entry here". You can also say "Hi" to Frank, or ask his "a/s/l" for fun. If you forget how to post an entry, you can ask him for "help".

Contact List and Profile

Your LJ Talk contact list is generated from your LiveJournal Friends list. If you make changes to your contact list through your client, such as adding or removing a contact, these changes will not be saved and may revert at any time. Other changes, like moving contacts between groups, may or may not be saved, depending on your client. Adding or removing a contact to your LJ Talk list will not add or remove that user as a friend on LiveJournal.

Information from your LiveJournal profile, as well as information from your client, is used to generate your LJ Talk profile. Default userpics are used for buddy icons. Your LJ Talk presence, which shows your online or away status to other users, is only shown to mutual LiveJournal friends.

Last Updated: September 27th, 2010

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