Troubleshooting for LiveJournal apps

The information in this FAQ is outdated, the features described are no longer supported.
Why am I receiving a "Cannot contact server" error when I try to use my app?

When your app locks up or produces a Cannot contact server error when you try to log in, the most common reasons are problems with firewalls, proxies, and the LiveJournal web site.

  • LiveJournal Problems: First, you should check if LiveJournal.com is actually down. Try going to http://www.livejournal.com/ in your web browser, or see http://status.livejournal.org/. At peak load times you may receive the "Cannot contact server" error because high number of users are attempting to contact the servers.

  • Proxies: A proxy means you don't have a direct connection to the Internet so the app doesn't know how to contact a LiveJournal server; they are commonly used by businesses or on other networks. If you've successfully connected from your current computer before, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have changed its proxy settings recently. You will need to contact your ISP for more information.

  • Firewalls: If you know you aren't accessing the Internet through a proxy, you may be experiencing problems with a firewall. For instance, some operating systems come with a pre-installed firewall or you could've installed one yourself. Alternatively, your ISP, particularly a business or school, may have changed its settings to include a firewall. If you or your ISP uses a firewall, make sure that your app is one of the programs allowed to access the Internet through the firewall. You may have to read your firewall's documentation or contact your ISP to learn how to do this.

Why is my app flashing?

Certain apps alert users of accounts with Professional and Permanents package of service about new entries on your Friends page. Common alert methods include a flashing icon, a pop-up dialog box, or a sound. For information on disabling or changing alert settings for this alert, consult the documentation for your app.

If you can't see any new entries after your app alerts you about new entries, this is most likely caused by a:
  • Protected Entry: Someone on your Friends list posted a private or protected entry that you cannot see. (The protocol that tells the app that there are updates does not distinguish between various security levels.)

  • Recent Friends page: Someone on your Friends list posted a recent entry you have already seen because you reloaded your Friends page right before the alert.

  • Edited Entry: Someone on your Friends list edited an existing entry.

If you still have problems after trying the above solutions, please file a Support Request.

Last Updated: October 8th, 2020

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