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Frequently Asked Question #262. Why do I see ads on LiveJournal? How do I remove ads from my journal?

Advertising is displayed on LiveJournal to certain account levels to support site operations and to ensure that there is an account level available to users free of charge. In exchange for viewing and displaying advertising, Account without additional packages of services gain features and storage space in a manner similar to accounts with Professional and Permanent package of service.

Viewing Ads

Non-Authorized users can see ads on any LiveJournal page;
Logged in users of accounts with Professional or Permanent package of service do not see ads anywhere in LiveJournal;
Logged in users of accounts without additional packages can see ads in other accounts without additional packages, but do not see ads in their own journals or in journals with Professional and Permanent package of service.

Removing Ads

It isn't possible to remove advertising on LiveJournal other than by changing your account level. The only way to ensure that no advertising is ever displayed on your journal or profile page is to upgrade to an account with Professional package of service. Additionally, users with account with Professional package of services who are logged in to LiveJournal see no advertising anywhere on the site.

Prospective advertisers

As a prospective advertiser, you can email lj_ads@livejournal.com about advertising and promotional partnerships.

Last Updated: April 6th, 2017

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