How do I simplify the appearance of LiveJournal and minimize bandwidth or data usage?

If you would like to simplify the appearance of LiveJournal pages, limit the number of images which display, or reduce the bandwidth or data you use, many options exist which can help with this.

Image Placeholders

When this feature is enabled, images in your friends feed and in comments to entries will be replaced by a small placeholder image which you can click on to view the posted image. To turn on placeholders for images, select the Image Placeholders option on the display tab of the settings page. You must be logged in to see placeholders instead of images.

Mobile Site

LiveJournal's mobile site can be accessed at http://m.livejournal.com/ and is a simple format with few navigational graphics. While developed for use on mobile devices, it can be used on any device and can help reduce bandwidth or data usage. Not all LiveJournal pages and features are available when using the mobile site.


LiveJournal offers many different journal styles, as well as the ability to customize your style. Some journal styles are especially simple and are low bandwidth/data friendly, most notably:

View all journals in your style

You can view all journal pages in your style by enabling the 'Other journals' setting on the display tab of the settings page, or by enabling the 'Comment pages' option if you only want to use your style when viewing comment pages. These options add ?style=mine to the end of entry URLs on your Friends page, and you can add ?style=mine to the end of the URL for any journal or entry pages to view them in your own style.

Friends Page Filters

LiveJournal allows you to view a filtered version of your Friends page which can allow you to remove known image-heavy journals or communities, or limit it in a variety of ways based on your preferences.

  • ?show= Add ?show=C (communities), ?show=N (news), ?show=P (personal), or ?show=Y (syndicated) to the end of your friends page URL to only show entries in that type of journal.

  • Custom Friends Groups: If you create a custom friends group named Mobile View, visiting your Mobile Friends page will display only entries from members of the Mobile View group. If you don't have a Mobile View friends group, the page will show entries from members of your Default View (if any) or all of your friends.

Off-site Options

You can also interact with LiveJournal using a LiveJournal mobile app, downloadable software and email.

  • LiveJournal app: LiveJournal app for mobile platforms including iOS and Android are available.

  • Post by Email/Text Message: If you don't want to update on LiveJournal, you can also email or text message your entries.

  • Get Comments and Event Subscriptions via Email: All LiveJournal users have the option to receive comment notification emails when other users reply to their comments or entries. You can also turn on email subscriptions for other events. If you have an account with Professional or Permanent package of service, LiveJournal can email you the text of comments you write.

  • Disable HTML Email: If you dislike HTML email, you can choose to have email sent to you in plaintext by setting the Email Format option on the display tab of the settings page.

Last Updated: October 9th, 2020

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