What is the Schools Directory? How do I find and add my school?

You can use the Schools Directory to find people who list your schools and add your schools, current or past, to your User Info page. If you have some free time, why not join the lj_schools team to add new schools and correct existing schools?

Add a School to your User Info page

Find your school by visiting the Schools Directory or visiting your Friends' User Info pages.
  • Personal and OpenID Journals:
    • Click the Add button under the school's name and location.
    • Add up to 25 schools.
  • Community Maintainers:
    • Choose the name of a community from the Work as User menu and click Switch before clicking the Add button under the school's name and location.
    • Add up to 50 schools.
By default, schools you add are listed on your User Info page, along with the city, state, and years attended (if specified). You can hide your school or only let friends see it by changing your school's security. However, your journal will be still be listed on your school's search page unless you remove your school. You can specify which of your userpics will show up on each school's search page by setting special userpic keywords.

Additions or Changes to the Schools Directory

If your school isn't in the Schools Directory, you can submit it for addition. After a short verification process, your school will be added to the Schools Directory and your User Profile, and then you can add the years you attended.

Change incorrect or incomplete school information by opening a Schools Directory support request with a direct link to the school's page (example).

Last Updated: September 14th, 2009

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